Providing Products and Technology for a Better Environment
Providing Products and Technology for a Better Environment
  • Accurate Validation for Carbon Credit Exchange

    Designed to meet Global Renewable Energy and Carbon Credit digester project requirements, the BIOGAS5000 is the ideal field instrument for anaerobic digester gas analysis. Easy-to-use and portable, the BIOGAS5000 measures gas composition and flow with repeatable accuracy on farms, food processing plants and waste water treatment facilities.

    BIOGAS 5000 Complete Package Includes: Instrument, hoses, heavy duty water trap filter, soft case, A.C. battery charger, electronic manual accompanies software, LANDTEC System Gas Analyzer Manager (LSGAM) software, USB download cable and hard-case. Reads: Methane, Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, temperature (when used with optional probe), atmospheric pressure, differential pressure and calculates gas flow.

    **BIOGAS 5000 Accessories & Spare Parts**



• Measures CH4, CO2, and O2 % Volume, Static, Differential and Barometric pressures
• Measures H2S gas (optional)
• Reads gas temperature with optional Temperature Probe
• Calculates Balance Gas and Flow (SCFM)
• Compatible with the LANDTEC System software (Bio Pro)
• ATEX Certified
• Easy Field Calibration by user
• Self-test & self-monitoring on start up
• Stores readings and calibration data
• Easy-to-read screen with back light
• User interchangeable filters
• 3 year warranty

• Enables consistent collection of data for improved analysis and accurate reporting
• Validates flow and gas composition for Carbon Credit trading
• Provides calibration audit trail and backup documentation when used with Bio Pro software
• Agency accepted methodologies (i.e. onboard data storage, direct data download, stored calibration records, etc.)
• Field proven technology

• Farm Digester
• Food Processing
• Waste Water
• Methane Recovery

Technical Specification

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