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Providing Products and Technology for a Better Environment
Providing Products and Technology for a Better Environment
  • Calibration Gas

    High Purity Calibration Gas

    LANDTEC’s certified primary standard grade calibration gas assures highest quality for your instrument calibration needs.

    Landtec calibration gases are supplied with color-coded bands at the top of the label for easier visual identification.

    “Please note that shipments of calibration gases are subject to Hazardous Materials Shipping Fees, in addition to standard freight charges.”




    • Certified to primary standard grade
    • Methane 3.7 grade ultra high purity
    • Carbon Dioxide 99.99% coleman grade
    • Nitrogen 99.999% ultra high purity
    • Analytical accuracy ± 2%
    • Accessories
    – Regulators 0.5 LPM
    – Carrying Case


    • 34 liter cylinders
    • Many other concentrations available
    • Consistent product purity through quality assurance
    • Certificate of analysis upon request
    • Portable cylinders easy to carry
    • Offered in 4 cylinder or 12 cylinder packs
    • Offered in a kit with 2 cylinders, regulators & carrying case


    • 34 liter
    • Height – 10.75”
    • Diameter – 3”
    • CGA 600 valve
    • Weight – 1.8 lbs
    • DOT Spec: 39NRC Steel Cylinder
    • Cylinder Color: RedSpecifications


List available calibration gases:

• CG-15-15 – Calibration Gas Cylinder. Gas Mix – 15% CH4, 15% CO2, Balance N2
• CG-50-35 – Calibration Gas Cylinder. Gas Mix – 50% CH4, 35% CO2, Balance N2
• CG-00-00 – Calibration Gas Cylinder. Gas Mix – 4% O2, Balance N2
• CG-11-00 – Calibration Gas Cylinder. Gas Mix – 11% O2, Balance N2
• CG-25-00 – Calibration Gas Cylinder. Gas Mix – 2.5% CH4, Balance N2, 34 liter bottle. Note: This gas is to be used as a CHECK GAS only. Instruments will not SPAN to this mixture.
• CG-CO-1000 – Calibration Gas Cylinder. CO – 1000ppm, Balance N2
• CGCO-500 – Calibration Gas Cylinder. CO 500ppm, 34L bottle
• CGH2S-25 – Calibration Gas Cylinder. H2S 25ppm / N2, 29L bottle
• CGH2S-100 – Calibration Gas Cylinder. H2S 100ppm / N2, 34L bottle
• CGH2S-200 – Calibration Gas Cylinder. H2S 200ppm / N2, 29L bottle
• CGH2S-1400 – Calibration Gas Cylinder. H2S 1400ppm / N2, 58L bottle

List Available Calibration Gas Accessories

• CGREGKIT – Calibration Gas Kit. Includes: (2) gas flow regulators, (1) carrying case, (1) hose kit. Calibration gas NOT INCLUDED.
• CGREG-5522 – Gas Flow Regulator, Male Thread, connects to calibration gas for SEM-500 and various gases specific to GEM/GA gas pods/internal cells. 0.5LPM. NOTE – Not for use with Methane/Carbon Dioxide (53/35, 15/15) or 4% O2 gas mixture.
• CGCC-5523 – Calibration gas carrying case
• CGRH-3200 – Calibration Gas Regulator and Hose Assembly, (Only for use with 17L or 34L, 500psi calibration gas bottle)
• H2S-FILTER – H2S Filter
• H2S-KIT – H2S Filter Kit, contains (5) filters
• CGPODKIT – Gas Calibration Kit for H2S/CO or CH4. Includes: (2) gas flow regulators (one for H2S cylinder and one for CO or CH4 cylinder), (1) carrying case, (1) hose kit and (2) disposable, calibration gas cylinders. For use with GEM2000 units.

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