Providing Products and Technology for a Better Environment
Providing Products and Technology for a Better Environment


  • High Performance ACCU-FLO METER

    With an innovative edge, the LANDTEC ACCU-FLO Meter highlights a distinctive feature: A Zero Calibration User Check. The User Check allows the operator to verify that their LANDTEC ACCU-FLO Meter has not shifted, drifted or deviated from its original NIST-traceable Factory Calibration value. This ability makes the ACCU-FLO Meter unique, extremely useful on Gas-to-Energy projects, environmental compliance and essential for the carbon credit market.

     Accu-Flo Meter Standard configuration includes: a display integral with the meter head, .” diameter probe and isolation valve assembly with .” MNPT mounting connection.


• Gas to Energy Projects
• Carbon Credit Projects
• Environmental Compliance
• Anaerobic Digesters
• LFG Recovery Projects
• Flare StationsApplications

• Direct Mass Flow
• High Accuracy and Repeatability
• Turndown of up to 100:1 and resolution 1000:1
• Low End Sensitivity (measures as low as 5 SFPM)
• Negligible Pressure Drop – will not impede the flow or waste energy
• No moving parts
• Low sensitivity to dirt
• Low cost of ownership
• Option for solar energy use (12 VDC models)
• 5 Year Recommended Factory Service

• New microprocessor technology for high performance mass flow measurement
• Low power dissipation (2.5 watts)
• Displays Calibration milliwatts for ongoing diagnostics
• Flow conditioning built-in to in-line flow meters
• Calibration User Check – has built-in diagnostics for a Factory Approved field calibration check
• Modbus compliant RS485 RTU communications
• High contrast photo-emissive OLED display with numerical flow rate

Technical Specification

LANDTEC’s Thermal dispersion Flow Meter utilizes the constant temperature difference method for measuring Gas Mass Flow Rate. It contains two reference grade platinum RTD sensors clad in a protective 316 SS sheath. It features direct Mass Flow gases, wide range-ability, low pressure drop and a very low end sensitivity.

The LANDTEC ACCU-FLO Meter is microprocessor based, does not have any potentiometers, and has Modbus® RS485 RTU communications.It is powered by 24 VDC (12 VDC, or 115/230 VAC optional). The power dissipation is under 2.5 watts (e.g. under 100 mA at 24 VDC) for the DC version. The power and output terminals are in a separate compartment for ease off installation. LANDTEC’s ACCU-FLO METER is CE approved.

The ACCU-FLO METER features a dual-compartment enclosure for ease of wiring, OLED display that shows Mass Flow Rate, Totalized Flow and Temperature. In addition, the calibration milliwatts (mw) feature is continuously displayed, providing ongoing diagnostics. Outputs include a 4-20 mA signal proportional to Mass Flow Rate, and Pulsed Outputs of Totalized Flow (24VDC solid state [sourcing] transistor drive), as well as Modbus® compliant RS485 RTU communications (IEEE 32 Bit Floating Point).

The Flow Element (Integral and Remote, In-line Style) consists of a choice of 316 Stainless Steel Schedule 40 Flow Bodies sized from 1/4” x 6” long to 4” x 12” long. Male NPT ends are standard, with flanged ends tube, or butt weld optionally available. Note 3” and 4” Flow Bodies have flanged ends as standard.

The instrument calibration is NIST traceable and covers a wide variety of gas calibrations. The LANDTEC ACCU-FLO METER can measure gas flow up to 450ºF (-40ºF to 200ºF standard, up to 450ºF optional on Remote, Insertion Styles) at pressures up to 500 PSIG (1000 PSIG, optional). Accuracy is +/– 0.5% of Full Scale +/– 1% of reading with a turndown of 100:1 and resolution as much as 1000:1. Higher accuracy available with lower turndown (contact LANDTEC).

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