Providing Products and Technology for a Better Environment
Providing Products and Technology for a Better Environment
  • SEM Rover

    The SEM Rover is a wheeled sampling wand which guarantees compliance with current regulations, regardless of terrain or field conditions. The SEM Rover is constructed of light weight, high strength aluminum framework with a durable, high-visibility powdercoat finish.

    Operator ease is emphasized with an adjustable push handle. Three large wheels maintain stability and ease transit over all types of ground as the Rover holds the sample wand inlet at a consistent 5 cm from the ground. The SEM Rover will help minimize operator fatigue and speed up sampling on fields where grounds are not regularly maintained.

    The SEM5000 and new SEM Rover make up a lightweight, ergonomic surface emissions monitoring package which weighs about half as much as competitive alternatives.


  • SEM ROVER powder coated frame assembly
  • SEM-ILFH – In-line dust filter housing
  • SEM-TUBE – SEM5000 tubing for probe handle
  • O&I Sheet

  • SEM Rover O& I sheet  [/toggle]

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