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Providing Products and Technology for a Better Environment
Providing Products and Technology for a Better Environment

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  • The Kyoto Protocol mandates that greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions be reduced. The landfill industry is increasingly being viewed as an economically and technically attractive way of accomplishing a portion of the required emission reductions. One of the most effective ways to reduce GHG emissions from landfills is to implement or improve the collection and destruction of landfill gas (LFG) being generated. Policies and regulations governing the validation of these reductions have created a need for improved monitoring and reporting of LFG destruction. This paper presents a case study of the monitoring and reporting for a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project in Brazil.
  • Organizations worldwide go to great lengths to create procedures and workflows to standardize how information is collected, stored, maintained, and delivered. These efforts are intended to create a consistent and efficient method for an entire organization to conduct day to day operations. In the landfill gas (LFG) industry, these same principles apply. Companies look to confidently collect consistent and accurate data easily regardless of the field technician executing the procedures. Additionally, this data needs to be recorded, stored, analyzed, and delivered to a number of people. To accomplish this data integrity must be maintained at the highest levels. In this paper we will review how to get started, field procedures, security components, and data management systems involved to implement and maintain successful Enterprise Landfill Gas Management environment.
  • Dr. Roger Riley of Geotech – LANDTEC Europe, explains how laser diodes improve biogas analysis.
     Dr. Riley on Diode Laser Systems