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Providing Products and Technology for a Better Environment
Providing Products and Technology for a Better Environment
  • WellBore Seal

    Eliminate Well Bore Gas Leaks,
    Air Intrusion and Underground Fires

    Prevent Common Regulatory Emissions Violations with Membrane Seal

    Landfill well casing and wellbore can be a significant source of surface gas leaks and air intrusion. These potential problems frequently result from landfill settlement around well casings and cracking along the well bore.

    LANDTEC Wellbore Seal prevents gas leaks and air intrusion with an impermeable membrane that clamps onto a well casing and extends beyond the well bore. The impermeable barrier also allows landfill operators to us higher vacuum pressures at the wellhead with less concern about air intrusion and possible subsurface fires. Higher vacuums can help minimize emissions and subsurface migration.


Versatile, Easy-to-Install Design Accommodates Settlement

The WBS design utilizes a strong, 30 mil. PVC membrane with a stovepipe shaped boot in the center. The WBS membrane covers a 10 x 10 foot area and is installed just below the landfill surface. The boot is fastened to the well casing just above the landfill surface with a stainless steel clamp and is installed in a collapsed position to accommodate future settlement around the well casing.
As settlement occurs, resulting from the normal decomposition and compaction of he loose void spaces within the refuse, the collapsed boot will elongate. Before the boot reaches its full elastic limit from the settlement, the landfill technician can easily readjust the boot to a new collapsed position. To do so, the technician simply loosens the boot clamp, collapses the boot to a lower position and then re-tightens the clamp to regain the airtight seal.
The WBS boot design provides a quick and easy technique for accommodating landfill settlement that can range from a few inches a year to many feet per year depending on many factor, including landfill depth, compaction and moisture content. This ongoing settlement can create cracks fissures at the landfill surface particularly at well bores and well casings.

Compatible with All Well-Bore Sealing Methods

The versatile WBS membrane is compatible with well-bore installations using typical seal materials including clay, native soils and Bentonite. The WBS can be quickly installed on new well or easily retrofitted on existing wells.

LANDTEC products work together to solve specific landfill needs. All LANDTEC products are designed for the specific needs of the landfill industry. The WBS was designed to work with LANDTEC’s gas extraction products including ACCU-FLO wellheads, which provide faster and easier data collection to optimize gas extraction. These products are based on over a decade of operation experience applying landfill gas management principles at multiple sites by LANDTEC. LANDTEC’s products are backed by a warranty that our customer can depend upon.


Technical Specification

The WBS Wellbore Seal is easily installed on 3, 4, 6 and 8-inch PVC well casings. The rugged 30 mil. PVC, ten-feet-square membrane is usually places 12 to 18 inches below the landfill surface. This impermeable barrier provides the equivalent of over 4 to 6 feet of additional cover over the well-bore seal to prevent gas leaks that can result in emissions violations and air intrusion that can lead to underground fires.

Versatile Applications
The WBS can be installed in other applications where probes, pipes, and other surface penetrations cause the cover to be disturbed. The WBS can be applied to new and existing installations to establish or re-establish barrier protection.

More Sealing Protection
LANDTEC’s membrane design offers greater surface area coverage and protection. It provides 100 square feet of impermeable protection compared to seven square feet or less of material seal (typically clay, native soil or Bentonite) applied to the top of a well bore. Further the WBS membrane is not susceptible to cracking due to settlement and moisture changes.

Low-Cost Life Cycle Benefits
The WBS provides the most cost effective, reliable and versatile method for preventing gas leaks and air intrusion around well casing and other landfill installations. Once installed, the membrane will provide years of useful service and eliminate the need to make additional repairs to the Wellbore Seal as the surface deterioration occurs with normal landfill settlement,. LANDTEC’s WBS is cost effective. Savings result from reduced field labor to maintain conventional well bore seal materials and the prevention of regulatory violations.

LANDTEC – Ready to Help You!

All LANDTEC products are designed to serve the specific needs of the landfill industry. These products are based on more than a decade of operating and regulatory experience in effective landfill gas management by LANDTEC. For additional information please contact us.