Providing Products and Technology for a Better Environment
Providing Products and Technology for a Better Environment

Maximizing Wellhead Investment


Maximizing Wellhead Investment

Saving money while not sacrificing quality.  This is a puzzle we look to solve everyday. A landfill gas collection and control system (GCCS) has several components.  One of the most important components for proper LFG system tuning is the wellhead.  A quality wellhead allows for accurate gas quality and flow measurements and providing precise and repeatable flow control.  LANDTEC’s ACCU-FLO wellhead has been a proven industry leader for over 20 years and keeps getting better with new models and features such as the Exact-FLO (E-FLO) fine tune valve.  While remaining the best wellhead for the investment, understanding how to size your wellhead can save you even more.   The first step is analyzing the well conditions for which you’ll be purchasing the wellhead.

  • What flow range are you looking to manage and for how long?
  • Is your well going to continue producing more gas?
  • Is your well in a stable gas production stage?
  • Is your well low flow for migration control?
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Knowing your well conditions is key to making the right purchase.  The following chart shows flow rates along the horizontal (X-axis) and range of cost on the vertical (Y-axis).  Each colored area has an indicated ACCU-FLO wellhead model and applicable flow range.  As shown in the chart, it requires a larger wellhead to properly measure and tune larger flow rates and wellhead cost increases as the size increases.

Take note that there are many overlapping flow rantes between wellhead models.  These are potential areas of substantial savings.  As an example, if your wellhead is intended for a flow of 90 SCFM, you have two choices.  Both an ACCU-FLO 2V (2-inch) and ACCU-FLO 3V (3-inch) wellhead will work for this flow requirement.  However if you are not expecting flows to increase much beyond 90 SCFM, the choice of the ACCU-FLO 2V (2-inch) gives you a 50% savings in wellhead cost as well as extended use as flow may eventually decrease as the well ages.

Additionally, in low flow scenarios, using an ACCU-FLO 1V (1-inch) wellhead can provide an additional 50% savings from selecting a 2-inch model.  For example, a perimeter migration control well averaging 8 SCFM to 12 SCFM.  This flow range is the condition for which the ACCU-FLO 1V wellhead was designed.  The ACCU-FLO 1V model provides accurate low flow measurement, improved low flow control, and significant cost savings.

Make the right investment for your wellhead.  Understand your wellfield conditions and present these requirements when choosing your wellhead.  LANDTEC staff can help you make the most cost effective choice and save you money.